The Real Reason Why Jessica Biel Isn’t Wearing The Ring!

Even though reports turned up everywhere the moment it apparently happened and Justin Timberlake‘s own grandmother confirmed his and on-and-off girlfriend Jessica Biel‘s engagement, it’s been a mystery as to why the public hasn’t actually seen the ring! The 29-year-old actress stepped out at this past weekend’s Golden Globes sans her 30-year-old fiancee as well as the highly anticipated ring. Jess, where the ring at?! seems to have gotten the inside scoop from none other than Aaron Carter! Hollywood Life caught up with the pop singer at a screening of the new movie Haywire last night, who confirmed that Justin and Jessica are definitely engaged.

“Are you asking me because my manager has managed Justin Timberlake? I mean I do know [the answer],” Aaron said while laughing. “Maybe … he asked her to marry him and he ordered a special ring that’s not ready yet.”

While it sounds like a probable situation, the site noted that Aaron said all of this while coyly smiling. Tricky Aaron!

Do you think Aaron’s reason is the real reason why Jessica isn’t wearing her engagement ring, or is there another explanation for it?