Question of the Day: What Do You When You’re Alone That You Don’t Do Around Other People?

Everyone needs some private time. When we are around other people, we tend to mind our P’s and Q’s. That is all we and good but sometimes I don’t want to be on my best behavior. Sometimes I just want to sit around in my boxers and burp the alphabet (not really).

Please to enjoy these little Foul Mouth Bachelor Frogs:

When I’m in public, I hold in my sneezes. Sneezing to me is kind of gross. It’s a little blast of snot and saliva and gross and I kind of don’t want that floating around to anyone that I am near. When I am home, IDEGAF and I sneeze all over the place.

I totally just thought of snot rockets. I do those when I ride my bike and it’s cold out because I get snotty. OH THAT’S OKAY BUT JUST DON’T SNEEZE.

What about you?

What do you do when you are alone that you don’t do around other people?