Question of the Day: New Years Resolutions?

Happy New Year, Buzznets! How was your new year? Did you do anything snazzy? Today is my last day off and it gives me the sads. I took these last couple of days to kind of reevaluate my last year in shenanigans and made some plan-anigans for 2012. I got introspective-y and stuff while I meandered around the lake near my house with Moo.

Here are some anti-lutions created by ErinBelle:

I think this new year I need to be more creative. I need to make things and break them and then probably I will tell you about them and we can rock out. Oh and I need to see more of America. I have a wild hair up my rear end that is telling me to go to Alaska. I have no idea where that came from but I am going to save up my pennies and do it. Oh and I am going to get a passport because apparently you aren’t a real adult until you have one. I want to go to Canada and get a tattoo. Ha. That’s about it. There are some other things I need to get but they aren’t that important and when I get them, you’ll probably see it. I might also do a 52 Week Project. I am ready to rock!

What about you? Did you make any resolutions or goals for this year? How are you going to stay on track to meet them?

What are you New Year’s resolutions?