Question of the Day: What is your most valuable possesion?

This QOTD is brought to you by Kendra. I am not sure if she is talking about the most expensive thing you own or if she wants to know what your most prized possession is. I think we’ve done that QOTD before, so let’s talk about money stuff.

I don’t know what this cat has to do with things that you own but whatever, it’s cute and it has a money.

Looking around my apartment, I don’t really have anything that is expensive. Everything I have is really old and outdated so I’m pretty sure no one would ever buy it. I mean, my guitar was purchased at a yard sale for $40. No, it isn’t some snazzy guitar you’d hear a cool story about on Antiques Roadshow. It’s beaten up and it’s an Epiphone copy. I have a 1st generation iPad and that is mega old and no one cares. My bike is like 5 years old and the frame is bent. I wonder how much I can get for Moo?

Anyway, now it’s your turn. What’s your most valuable possession?