Question of the Day: Where Is the Internet?

If you haven’t heard, the internet is on strike today. Some pretty big sites like Wiki, Reddit, and all of the Cheezeburger Network (I’m not going to bother linking because it’s sad) are offline and protesting a few bills that could damage the way the internet works.

Want to read about that stuff? Read this – The Internet Goes on Strike

Anymews, since the internet is down, I am not really sure what I am going to do with myself. I can’t fact check anything or look at cats. Here’s what your friends at The Oatmeal did:

So, dear internet, what are we going to do? Maybe we should just post gifs of Paula Deen Riding on Things or whatever else has an image in it that might cause for shutting us down.

For today:

1. What do you all think about SOPA/PIPA? 2. What do you want to tell Congress to do? 3. Share with me some gifs to make me happy.

Don’t leave me here by myself on the internet that is pm SnoozeVille. Bai!