#NowPlaying // January 2012 Edition

Here I am with another serie of blogs dedicated to the music.

I already said you that I still write about my usual monthly playlist, but with some changes, because I think it’s good to do some changes every year, for don’t be banal, something I don’t like so much…

So first I decided to call this new serie of blogs #NowPlaying, I usually use this tag when I listen something and I post it on my Twitter so I thought it could be a nice idea to use it also for those blogs.

Every month I will post a scan of my Media Player about the most listened songs: they can be the newest ones but they can be also of the past years, I will always try to make know you some new artists, maybe the Italian ones that you couldn’t had the pleasure to listen, and also I will choose one or two music videos I loved the most.

For this first playlist, like usual the sonorities are really different, you can find the pop of my Goddess Britney Spears, with two awesome unreleased: “Love 2 Love U” on a music background of “La Isla Bonita” by Madonna and “Strangest Love“, an awesome ballad written by Britney and I think everyone could love it. It’s one of my obsession.

Domino” hit by Jessie J warms your cold days of this winter and makes you feel in a beach and have an amazing party with your friends.

But there’s also a side more dark by the symphonic metal of two awesome bands like Nightwish and Within Temptation. From the first ones I chose a really old song “Nymphomaniac Fantasia“, I think one of the best Nightwish’s songs ever, if you wanna travel in a fantasy world, listen it, it’s worth! From Within Temptation I chose “Fire & Ice“, their last single from “The Unforgiving” album and “Sinéad“, I really can’t enough of this song, it’s literally like a drug, well… I think it’s better than a drug! It charges me a lot!

If you love Celtic music, I advice you “Gone Are The Days” by Moya Brennan, Enya’s sister. It’s the perfect song for relax yourself after a hard work day.

Even though I’m not so much into Italian music, because unluckily there aren’t too much talented Italian artists and also because the most of them, over all in the past, usually prefered to sing and have a career in other countries, and this is so bad, because some of them were really great and we hadn’t have the cunning to keep them here. So I chose some of my fav Italian artists, a mix between ballad, rap and a vein of pop/rock. I would like to spend a word more for Lucya Russo, an Italian nascent artist, but she sings in English and I chose to share with all of you her new music video “The Worst Thing“, it’s so funny and fresh. Lucya was born in Bronx and always loved music, among her fav artists there are: Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, N’Sync and Alicia Keys. I think this is a sign that Italian people can sing in English and can have success also in another language, I would like to remember that in 80s, tons of Italian artists of that time prefered to sing in English for perform and to be known also in other countries, so I don’t see nothing wrong if an Italian who can speak English, can’t sing in this language!

Another song I couldn’t get enough this month has been “Read All About It” – Professor Green featuring Dolcenera. Maybe a lot of you heard this song with Emeli Sande, well… this is the Italian version with an amazing Italian artist called Dolcenera (real name: Emanuela Trane).

I have to say that before this song I’ve never heard something about Professor Green and I can say he is really talented and I’m going to hear something more about this 30-years old Londoner rapper.

A lot of people said this song is the copy of “Love The Way You Lie” by Eminem ft. Rihanna. Personally I don’t see this similarity, because not all the ballad song with a rapper male and a female singer has to be the same of “Love The Way You Lie”. So this critic, that I see more like an offese, is with no sense. This song is such amazing as much as the one of Eminem and has such a wonderful lyrics.

Which is your playlist of this month and which is your fav music video have you seen recently?