Miley Cyrus Is In Hot Water Because Of… Cake?

She plays a wild child in her upcoming movie LOL: Laughing Out Loud, but it doesn’t seem like Miley Cyrus is playing much of a stretch from her own self! The cheeky 19-year-old has said and done some pretty outrageous things that have caused quite the commotion – but hey, she’s just being Miley. New photos have surfaced of Miley that can make the best of us blush, but they aren’t exactly the kinds of photos you think they are!

TMZ has released photos of Miley chowing down suggestively on a pretty erotic cake in the at boyfriend Liam Hemsworth‘s 22nd birthday bash which was held on January 22nd at Club Icon in Downtown L.A. While the photos aren’t illegal by any means, the naughty cake in the shape of a male organ would definitely scandalize Miley’s younger fans!

The cake in question:

Maybe Miley shouldn’t be around birthday cakes – remember her Bob Marley cake that sparked a commotion? No more cake for you Miley Cyrus!

Should Miley be more mindful of how she acts in public due to her fans or is she entitled to some naughty, cheeky fun? The more important question: Why was her boyfriend’s cake shaped that way?