Mikey Way Confirms There Will Be No Third Killjoys Video

We’d heard as much but up until now it hadn’t been comfirmed by the band. But now it’s official: Mikey Way confirmed that we will not see a third video based on the Fabulous Killjoy characters from My Chemical Romance‘s “Danger Days” album, leaving the story from “Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)” and “Sing” unfinished.

But there’s still good news. The 31-year-old bassist said in an interview with Coup de Main magazine, “I don’t think we’re going to be making any more videos, but something is definitely on the horizon, the Killjoys story is far from over.” He goes on to say we will see more of the story in his older brother Gerard Way‘s Fabulous Killjoys comic, set to be released by Dark Horse. No word on when that will be, as of last October’s New York Comic Con no date had been set for the Killjoys title or for Gerard’s other comic, the Eisner winner Umbrella Academy. But Mikey assures us “it should be relatively soon that you should hear something [new] about the comic.”

Mikey also talks about other things we may see from My Chem in the future, including a full length album by “Mad Gear and the Missile Kid,” a band from within the Killjoys universe, and a “spiritual successor” to the band’s 2006 documentary Life on the Murder Scene.

So, there we go. Looks like there’s no third Killjoys video. You’ll either have to wait until the comic comes out or resort to fanfiction. This is one case where we wouldn’t really blame you for that one.