MoonChild Q&A: MariMoon

Name: MariMoon

Age: 29

Country: Brazil

Favorite music: Lily Allen – Everything’s Just Wonderful

Favorite color: torquoise

Biggest inspiration: Tim Burton

Bubble or Goth?: today I’m Goth, not sure about tomorrow though

Favorite flavor: chocolate cake with red berries jam on top

Best advice I ever got: it’s never too late

Most ridiculous fashion statement: greek sandals

Biggest dream: visit Japan

The words I live by: all you need is love

One thing I can’t live without: internet

No one knows that I ….. am shy

If I were to live in a different body for one day, I would be…. Brad

Pitt, so I could be a man (a very handsome one) and date Angelina.

If I got a chance to spend a day with any person, dead or alive, it

would be…. John Lennon, he was amazing

If I could time travel, I would go to… the 70s to see Led Zepellin and

so many other amazing rock bands performing live

Being a MoonChild is about…. respect and love <3