Get The Look: Chinatown Dolly

photo: ryan kitching

jacket: topshop, hat: nanda, bindi: crystal mineralistics

I am working my butt off on the next FW and SS collections for both Tokyolux and Coco De Coeur. Our deadline is so soon for Japan. It’s a good thing though, it keeps the wheels in my head turning. Been doing yoga everyday this week and im starting to feel it. Im taking the next few days off and trading it in for some hot vanilla epsom salt baths instead. The full moon last night gave me some serious anxiety. I hope tonight it start’s to fade! Im not the biggest fan of night, I actually prefer day and morning.

Currently loving: Aveda candles, ginger tea, Friends (the tv show), star print, sheer flannels, grey clothing, messy hair, roots, ballet flats, avacados, coconut raisin Indian bread, mean kittys and rose blooming herbal tea balls.

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