Lady Gaga’s Boyfriend Wants A Normal Girlfriend!

There aren’t many people in the world as wild as Lady Gaga. The 25-year-old pop-star has successfully shocked fans and critics alike with her over the top stage outfits, videos and opinions, holding tight to her individuality.

It’s hard to picture any guy being able to keep up with Gaga, but her current flame, 30-year-old Taylor Kinney, has stuck by her side for the past six months! We love that Gaga has a man to keep her grounded amidst the crazy life she leads, but InTouch Weekly reports he doesn’t want to date her!

“Gaga started living and breathing her character 24/7 because she felt her fans wanted that,” a source told the gossip mag.

Taylor reportedly wasn’t stoked on dating the girl in front of the camera and has made it clear it’s not the who he wants to date.

“Taylor has convinced her that he loves the real Stefani,” the source said. In turn Gaga has promised to tone it down and be “more normal.”

Aww…that’s actually pretty sweet and awesome to hear! Let’s hope they stay together!

Do you want to see a more normal side to Lady Gaga?