Lady Gaga, The Killers And More Confirm 2012 Albums

When I say that Mother Mother (or should I call her Queen of the Damned) is joining The Killers, I do not mean that her meat dress will be rubbing against Flowers’ feathers (she did that in 2009) but she has given a similar announcement to the Las Vegas boys – they will both definitely release an album in 2012.

The Killers’ frontman Brandon Flowers told BBC R1’s Zane Lowe yesterday that fans will hear a follow-up to 2008’s Day & Age this year, “It’s just whether it’s [released in] the summertime or the wintertime”. So what will it sound like? Brandon has said that “the consensus within the band is to take those things that we’ve done well and really hone in on that” however it will offer something new as it’s going to be “louder” than Brandon’s solo effort and be ‘guitar-heavy’.

Lady Gaga has also promised a new LP, although the wait for new music from Stefani has not been quite as long. It may seem like only yesterday when Born This Way was released, she is still keen to release her third album – already – because she just wants to “keep writing music” and even wants to start another tour. Don’t you fancy a rest and a nice cup of tea, Gaga – or would you rather just wear porcelain?

Yesterday, Scottish rockers Biffy Clyro also revealed the news that they are planning to release an album this Summer – a DOUBLE album. Twice as exciting! They also say that it will sound like a “musical inspiration of the Gwyneth Paltrow film ‘Sliding Doors'”. Ok then.

Other new album confirmations come from Welsh outfit Lostprophets, Brendan Benson and many more.

Who are you excited to hear from already?

Who do you hope will be releasing an album this year?