The King Blues Post Studio Update And Tease Patrick Stump Collaboration

When a photo of Patrick Stump and The King Blues together emerged, many thought they would have to wait until TKB’s fourth album’s release to hear the collaboration. However thanks to a Youtube studio sessions update, a sneak peak of their duet has graced the internet.

The song snippet appears at around 1:04, and is presumably an exert from the track the artists wrote together. Stump’s shown singing the hook “May we know that all we know is we know nothing at all”. This clip may come as a surprise to some as there was no mention of Patrick having a vocal guest spot in initial blog posts from band members.

Perhaps the co-write changed to a collab when Stump re-visited the studio to ‘record geetarsseveral days ago.

Are you excited for this collaboration?

Do you like what you hear so far?