Kevin Federline Hospitalized For Chest Pains

Kevin Federline was rushed to the hospital after he experienced chest pains and a “roaring pulse” while filming for his weight-loss show Excess Baggage in Australia.

The Mail Online reports that the former dancer, who was taking on Australian football club Greater Western Sydney when he started to feel unwell, will remain in hospital overnight after undergoing a series of blood tests.

A spokesperson for Channel 9 who broadcast the Excess Baggage show, said: “Kevin was at Doonside with the (Giants), completing an AFL-related challenge. He did his challenge, which was running and catching the ball, then while his (in-series weight-loss partner) was taking the same challenge, he reported chest pains and a racing heart.

“Obviously on this show we have a lot of paramedics on standby and they treated him for the first signs of a minor cardiac arrest, called an ambulance and had him taken to hospital.”

Host Kate Ceberano said Federline had recently tried to quit booze in his battle against the bulge and hinted his body may have simply become unable to cope with the strain of change.

“I’m very concerned about his current condition,” she said. There are things in all the contestants that they want to conquer. I know (he) has been giving up drinking and doing a variety of different things to help his nutrition and his health and sometimes when you change things too suddenly it can happen.”

Ceberano said Kevin was the “underdog” of the competition. “He’s very quiet, very gentle,” she said. “He’s a really lo-fi guy.”

It appears Britney’s aware of the situation; she may fly to Australia to see the father of her children.

Kevin was hospitalized due to “heat stress” back in December.

Get well soon, Kevin!