Did Kelly Osbourne Publicly Bash Christina Aguilera Again?!

Uh oh! For a hot second the Hollywood rumor mill was running wild with news that Kelly Osbourne was publicly reigniting a long standing feud with Christina Aguilera at a Golden Globes after party by bashng her to whoever would listen!

A source told Radar Online that Kelly, 27 broke her two plus years of sobritety and wasn’t holding back her anger toward the 31-year-old pop-star.

“When she gets drinking her hatred for Christina Aguilera really comes out,” they said. “She spent the entire night talking about how much she hates Christina!”

Whoa! That’s a pretty incriminating statement, but upon hearing this latest rumor, Kelly immediately took to her twitter to set the record straight.

Do you think it’s a good idea to fight off rumors?