Joe Trohman Is Part Of A Sharp New Band

Since Fall Out Boy decided to take a break, Joe Trohman has been keeping busy with his group The Damned Things. The metal group also consisted of fellow FOB member Andy Hurley on drums, as well as members of Every Time I Die and Anthrax.

Well, first the bad news: because of ETID and Anthrax’s busy schedule, it sounds like we won’t be hearing much in 2012 from The Damned Things.

Now the good news: you will, however, be hearing things from 27-year-old Trohman: he along with fellow Damned Things alumni Josh Newton will be starting a new group: With Knives. In his own words: “With Knives began as a project Josh was working on on his own. When he joined TDT, he asked me to work on it with him, and so I did. It sounded a bit too realized to not turn it into an actual band. That’s what we’re doing with it.”

The band has already recorded an EP which will be released digitally through Son of Man, which they are looking to use almost as an indie label to help some other musicians release their work as well. Joe says “Hopefully we will be able to work with other artists and musicians to collaborate and release their stuff in a safe, DIY environment that doesn’t push them to do anything they don’t want to do.”

What do you guys think?