IMPORTANT: Infos About BTK Twins Personal Messenger Gallery

Since the Admin message of yesterday about Copyright Infrangment of BTK App, I decided to rend the BTK Twins Personal Messenger Gallery avaiable only for my friends and followers, and also them can leave a comment under the posts. Since there are all the websites still posting BTK stuff, I still will do it too posting mainly photos and videos!

As I already said I don’t think it’s completely right to forbidden to all the other Aliens (Tokio Hotel’s fans) to know what’s happen in the App, I could say that it’s copyright infrangment also if a TH’s fan has an Android or an iPhone while her best friend hasn’t, and the first one shows what’s going on in App, to her best friend and send to her the pics includes there.

So, also the whole Internet is a copyright infrangment, when Internet was born as sharing of news and infos and for stay in contact with what’s going on in the whole world and in the last years all the news arrives before here than in tv. When years ago only tvs and first radios were the main source of information.

This App isn’t free, you pay around $3 and then every week they remove from your credit some cents, but apart this, there are tons of people doesn’t have an Android or an iPhone but maybe they are a Smartphone too who cost the same of those brand as well, and it’s new and they should change it only for the App? Personally I don’t find it right, this is nothing against Kaulitz twins, because I love them with all my heart, but it’s a remark about the whole thing.

Since the rest of the websites still posting photos, videos and other stuff about BTK App, I continue to do it too, I repeat another time: I rent avaiable the BTK Gallery only for my friends and followers, so it’s something only for you, in this little circle of people.

Thanks for the attention