If You’re Average-Sized, You May Just Make It In The Modeling World

As if it wasn’t shocking enough that model Katie Halchischick first appeared nude in November 2011’s issue of O Magazine, it was even more shocking to discover a nude plus-sized model on the cover of a national magazine.

Despite being a renowned plus-sized model, Katie Halchischick saw herself needing to gain up to 200 pounds in order to land modeling gigs. At anything less than that, let’s say at a weight of 145 pounds, she wouldn’t even get hired. She even resorted to wearing padding in order to look bigger. Yes, bigger. What’s up with that?

Katie discovered that you either have to be extremely heavy or extremely thin in order to even be seen as a model, leaving average-sized girls with no opportunity to enter the market. After being frustrated with this issue, Katie started her own modeling agency, appropriately titled Natural Model Management, targeting girls sized 6-10.

While most runways and campaigns feature thin models, there is still a promising market for average-sized girls especially in the commercial modeling industry. Companies like JcPenney, Macy’s, and other national department stores often feature healthy, average-sized gals.

Though the concept of featuring average-sized girls is not new (think American Apparel) the goal behind it is pretty awesome. Katie hopes to promote healthy body image and educate girls to become more aware and comfortable with being ‘average’ sized.

Her agency may not revolutionize the way we view average-sized models, but it’s a start.

Do you think average-sized girls have what it takes to be a successful model?