If I Could Talk…

My mom’s friend just sent me a really touching email with a text she found on a Costa Crociere forum, it’s a sort of poetry or a sort of thought, Costa Concordia would like to say if only it could talk…

“I’m here, laid in the cold. The water of the sea, my inseparable fried, that caresses me, but without love.

My heart is still, I’m irreparably hurted, I don’t try to raise me up, I couldn’t do it, but I would like someone could help me.

I’m afraid, I hide the death inside of me, I could never imagined that it happened.

I was born for give joy, serenity, fun; for this reason they called me as a Roman mythologic figure who represents the harmony spirit of the community: CONCORDIA.

And instead, for reasons still to verify, I took away the smile to a lot of people, I heard children cry, people screams of dread, desirous only of abandon me to my sad destiny.

I have the eyes of everyone on me, I know it, but the only thing I would is come back safe to my birth port, there where everybody cuddled me and guarded me with a view to a long and healthy life”