Hopeless Records Wants To Give You Free Music For Valentine’s Day

We’re only a few weeks away from Valentine’s Day, and you know what that means: mushy cards, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate and plenty of advertising designed to make single people insecure over our singlehood.

Well, to make it all suck a little less, Hopeless Records is currently offering a free compliation for your downloading pleasure. And even better, it features bands like There For Tomorrow, Enter Shikari, The Used, We Are The In Crowd and, yep, Yellowcard. Here’s the full track listing:

1. “Sing For Me” – Yellowcard 2. “Exits and Entrances” – We Are The In Crowd 3. “Hoodie Weather” – The Wonder Years 4. “Sssnakepit” – Enter Shikari 5. “I Come Alive” – The Used 6. “Forget Your Heart” – Silverstein 7. “Siren” – The Dangerous Summer 8. “Face To Face” – Divided By Friday 9. “The Joyride” – There For Tomorrow 10. “Dead” – Samiam from “Trips” 11. “Let My Love” – Damion Suomi & The Minor Prophets 12. “Useless” – Anarbor 13. “Some Things” – For The Foxes

You can download the 13 track album for free over on Facebook.

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