Happy Birthday Desert Island Discs – Here’s My Selection

Today the iconic radio show Desert Island Discs celebrates its 70th anniversary. Throughout the years, the BBC Radio 4 edition has heard favourite songs from anyone and everyone including veteran actors, prime ministers and (of course) many musicians. They haven’t asked me to make an appearance – yet. So here are the songs I would pick if I were a castaway with only eight pieces of music to hear for the rest of my lonely life.

Tired Pony – The Good Book

Haunting. Mesmerising. Beautiful. Whenever I hear this song I remember gazing up at Tom Smith performing this at Tired Pony’s first (and last UK) gig. I’d be lying if I described that night as anything other than the best time of the my life. The 14th July 2010 marked a turning point in mine an my Mum’s life. Before Tired Pony, neither of us had ever traveled to London for gigs yet last year, I saw more bands there than in my hometown so thank you very much TP for marking the beginning of a series of adventures.

Sia – Breathe Me

Find a song that can simultaneously break your heart and glue it back together as well as “Breathe Me” does, and I’ll call you a liar. There are no words to describe the emotions this song can evoke which reminds of the quote “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture” – you do not need me to tell you what this song sounds like, you should just listen to it.

Panic! At The Disco – Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met)

Of all P!ATD’s tracks, I find that there’s something stand-out on their Vices & Virtues closer. Perhaps it’s the French choir, perhaps it’s the echoes of “Mona Lisa, pleased to please ya” and the breakdown of “And that one regret is you”. Whatever it is, I credit Nearly Witches as having become my favourite Panic! At The Disco song and therefore worthy of making my desert island discs playlist.

My Chemical Romance – I’m Not Okay (I Promise)

One of my ultimate favourite songs is this angst anthem. Tweenage me thought the world was against her and that her only escape was through dressing like Avril Lavigne and turning up the music LOUD. A lot has changed since then – I don’t wear fingerless striped gloves from Claire’s accessories anymore, and I’ve sold my barely used skateboard, but this song still means the same. If I’m angry, this song is my go-to. If I’m happy, and just want an excuse to swear very loudly, this is also my go-to.

Goldfrapp – A & E

Although I enjoy Goldfrapp’s more upbeat style, their Seventh Tree-era included one of my most loved songs – “A & E”. I’ve used it as a lullaby many times and whenever I’m “feeling lonely, feeling blue, feeling like I needed you” I’ll stick this song on, and everything will be ok. My only criticism of this track is that they excluded it from their setlist when I saw them live recently…despite the fact it’s one of their best known songs.

Patrick Stump – Love, Selfish Love

If I were truly castaway on a desert island with just 8 songs to listen to, all of the music would probably have some connection to Patrick Stump but if I were to simply list the Soul Punk track-list I wouldn’t be playing in the spirit of the game. So if you forced me to pick just one solo Patrick Stump song, I’d have to go with “Love, Selfish Love”. “Run Dry” and “The ‘I’ In Lie” come very close but I was swayed by the lyrics.

The Killers – “Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine”

Looking back on this list, I’ve realised that my desert island discs isn’t exactly the cheeriest of compilations. So I thought I’d rely on The Killers to brighten it up – except I chose a song about murder. However of all The Killers songs that I could have picked, I had to opted for “Jenny…” on warrant of its baseline alone. “All These Things That I Have Done” and “A Dustland Fairytale” are almost tied too.

Fall Out Boy – What A Catch, Donnie

Technically, this is the second Patrick Stump inclusion in my list but seeing as Fall Out Boy is a separate artist, I’ll allow myself for a little bit of repetition. Fall Out Boy have been my favourite band since I was 10 years old and when I first heard What A Catch, Donnie, I’m not ashamed to admit that I shed a tear. This song’s made me cry many more times, and not just for the obvious reason that it symbolises ‘the end’ and that what makes it’s my favourite song.

Happy 70th Birthday Desert Island Discs!

What would your eight picks be if you were a castaway?