Guess The Celebrity Behind The Red Mask!

Looks like it’s time to play a round of “Guess Who: Celebrity Edition!” This female celebrity dons a red mask and possibly a whole body suit of red lycra for some odd reason. Who is she and the more important question: why in the world is she wearing such an outfit? It can’t be comfortable! So who is the celeb behind the red mask?

It’s none other than the beautiful Olivia Wilde! Paparazzi got the first shots of the 27-year-old actress’ costume on the set of her upcoming film Burt Wonderstone, which also stars Jim Carrey. Guess we know who she was REALLY hiding from in that mask!

The film follows a Vegas magician who breaks up with his long-term stage partner, and is forced into rivalry with a new ‘street’ trickster. The star-studded cast also boasts Steve Buscemi, Steve Carrell and The Sopranos legend James Gandolfini, reports The Daily Mail.

Did you guess Olivia Wilde right away? What are your thoughts on Olivia wearing a superhero outfit – would you see the movie?