Who Is Frances Bean Cobain’s Fiance?

19 year old Frances Bean Cobain announced her engagement to 26 year old Isaiah Silva last October. The daughter of rock legend Kurt Cobain mostly keeps her relationship on the down low, but People mag found out a bit about her beau, who fronts a band called The Rambles.

People reveals that Silva spent the first 18 years of his life in the Fullerton Assembly of God group, a faction focused on strict Christian values and the second coming of Christ. “Women in the [group] were totally oppressed, but I am very pro-woman.” Well, that’s good to know.


In the wake of Katy Perry’s break up (she’s about to be a 27 year old divorcee), does anyone think 19 is a bit young to get engaged? Or, in the words of Brand New, are we “just jealous ’cause they’re young and in love”?