Flashback Friday: 8 MTV Shows That Need To Come Back

Before the days of Jersey Shore and Teen Mom, MTV was actually about the music half the time, while the other half was pretty awesome show programming! With Beavis and Butthead having made their comeback on MTV recently, you can’t help but reminisce about the good ol’ days of MTV in its prime, which had some of the most interesting shows in its heyday of the late 90s and early 2000s.

Here are 8 MTV shows we’d love to see back on the channel:

MTV Cribs

It’s Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous rebooted in MTV fashion. Always a good time to check out how the rich and famous live their lives!


Diary had so many good episodes of the celebrities that we loved – like this week’s birthday girl, the late Aaliyah! It was always such a treat to check out a day in the life (or, in this case, several days in the life) of your favorite celeb.


Memories of childhood tend to get brought up when talking fondly about TRL. The afterschool TV show was in its prime with original host Carson Daly. It wasn’t just about the music – it also saw a lot of movie coverage and TV stars.

The Ashlee Simpson Show

Like her or not, you can’t deny that Ashlee Simpson‘s reality TV show that highlighted the making of her debut album was a fun time. It seems so long ago!


Before Twitter, there was Fanatic on MTV. Hard thing to remember, but instead of getting a 140-character shout-out on the Internet, fans got to win a chance to meet their favorite celebrities and get up close and personal with them.


We’re not talking about the live-action reboot movie! America’s favorite angsty teen and title character Daria reeked of sarcasm… but in the best way possible!

Pimp My Ride

We don’t know what was more funny: Xzhibit’s look or the zany cars after they were given their makeover!

Singled Out

MTV was known for their numerous dating shows, but one of the originals (and arguably the best!) was Singled Out.

Which MTV show would you want them to bring back?