What EXACTLY Does Blue Ivy Even Mean?

The big news over the weekend has to be Beyonce FINALLY giving birth to her and hubby Jay-Z‘s new daughter. The 30-year-old songstress gave birth to the couple’s first child, naming her Blue Ivy Carter. Blue Ivy is a little on the random side to us who don’t know the significance. Just what could the name mean? E! Online has taken a few guesses, and while we won’t know for sure until Queen Bey and Jay-Z confirm it, they have some pretty good ones!

Fans actually pointed out that blue seems to be a favorite of Jay’s, with his album called The Blueprint and with the lyric “My favorite hue is Jay-Z blue,” on his track “Go Crazy.” Reportedly the couple had received presents for the wee one over the Christmas holiday all blue-themed, as opposed to the typical all pink for baby girls.

Where could Ivy have originated from? It’s no secret that the duo have a particular love for the number 4: Beyonce’s birthday is September 4, while Jay-Z’s is on December 4, they married on April 4 (the fourth day of the fourth month) in 2008, mama Bey’s latest album is entitled 4, and the married couple even have matching Roman numeral tattoos on their wedding fingers of the number 4, points out E! Online, which reads “IV.”

Still a bit random, but it all makes sense if you were to believe that this is the reasoning behind the name! What do you think?

What are your guesses on the meaning of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter’s name?

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