Ever Hot? Guys in Mesh

Last year GQ named Jared Leto the Worst Dressed Man in the World–and we profiled his worst looks of 2011–and we’re sure one of the deciding factors had to be this getup:

But THEN when I was perusing the internet for photos after I discovered Douglas Booth’s face, I found this:

Why? Why would anyone choose to wear this? He’s a model so there’s a chance someone dropped some cash to get him in it–but still, WHY?

Everytime we criticize Leto’s outfits (which, by the way, have nothing to do with his talents as a musician and WE KNOW THAT), there’s always a barrage of “He’s so hot, he can wear whatever he wants!!1!”

Can he, though? And look at Douglas Booth in that semi-see-through sweater thing–he is a thing of beauty but I STILL don’t want a peek at his nipples and belly button. Maybe they think, “Oh, then the LADEEZ will want to take my clothes off faster” EXCEPT NO. I want to set fire to IT and YOU so that you are never tempted to wear such a thing ever again.

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