Who Dresses Better Than Kingston Rossdale? (Hint: NOT Suri Cruise)

What child dresses better than the spawn of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale? The answer is NO ONE.

Why would we even ruminate on this? WELL. Apparently some baby gifting website has “crowned” Suri Cruise the best dressed celebrity child. This is wrong.


Look at that layering! Look at those worn in boots!

So Suri wears a coat and heels well (heels! I don’t even wear heels!), and that makes her fashionable? Clearly this was rigged by the scientologists.

A spokesperson for the site said, “She certainly has terrific taste for one so young.”

Children don’t buy their own clothes, and most don’t dress themselves.

ANYWAY. I’ll leave you with these final images:

Oh look, she’s 5 going on 45!


Thoughts? Feelings? Outrage?