Who Do You Dress For?

If you take a look at fashionistas they are usually the ladies wearing the bold outfits, things most girls would not step out of their comfort zone to wear. As a designer, I have a love and an eye for all things beautiful, I appreciate women who dress for FASHION and not for men.

Most girls dress for others and not for themselves. They want to either be SEXY and show skin, for attention from men or for a certain group they want to fit in with ‘hipster’ ‘rocker’ ‘preppy’ and so on.

These ladies have the figure to wear any kind of fashion yet you never see them wearing skin tight ‘club attire’ you see them in true couture. They are always tasteful and put together from head to toe :

Look at the difference in dressing for men, trying to show off every inch of your body without being naked. It looks like the opposite of fashion to me. It also looks so typical, like any girl can go out and dress like this:

Who do you dress for?


Jazmin Whitley

Li Cari