No Doubt Gives Us Hope For A New Album This Spring

We’ve had so many false hopes with the new No Doubt CD. Back in 2009 they toured with Paramore and The Sounds and we kept hearing “new album soon.”

Then, in April of last year, Gwen Stefani said she thought the album would be out by the end of 2011. Obviously, that did NOT happen.

And yet we continue to get our hopes up again. Why? Because during a Twitter Q&A, guitarist Tom Dumont had the following to say when asked about the album: “Wanna be finished by March. Will do out best. -Tom”

Okay, now, Twitter is NOT the most reliable source and this is just Tom’s hopes and a promise that the band will do what they can, so we can’t take this as a set in stone “we will have this album in our hands by the time Spring Break roles around!” But we CAN hope this means the band is finally close to finishing the long-awaited new album.