Discrimination: Britney Spears Vs Beyonce

I really think it’s crazy and unfair that the media and everyone tortures Britney Spears saying how FAT she is and how she looks so horrible, yet Beyonce is just as thick…if not bigger!! Why is it okay for Beyonce to be a normal healthy weight but not okay for Britney (that already had two kids) I get so annoyed when I see Beyonce in magazines in ONLY a positive light and the only things about Britney are negative about her appearance. The media just picks on certain people and everyone follows.

They both go UP & DOWN in weight, I looked at photos of Beyonce BIG and THIN yet they never mention it, but they attack Britney if she gained 5lbs

Why is it okay for Beyonce to be big and not for Britney?!


Jazmin Whitley

Li Cari