Here are some more photos of our Christmas in Bizarreland ……..

Let’s start with a delicious Chocolate Mousse pie made by my son’s girlfriend Allison ……… Don’t be jealous but I had to eat the rest of this myself !!!

This was after Tiny Mr.Potato Head and Peter left the Baby Jesus in the care of his parents : D

This is some Amazing soap I bought for myself at an Art’s and Craft show …..

Hiding out in my tree 😀

More of Allison’s homemade Goodies ……. The Honey is from their own hive and their fist harvest. She makes the Jelly with her father. And the Banana Walnut Bread is so good …… She even makes Biscotti : )

The Squirrel even got in the Christmas Spirit ……..

Reflection of Christmas 2011 ……

Santa giving the Thumbs Down to his Victorian Neighbor 😀

And lastly another one of Allison’s Desserts it’s a delicious Cheesecake ……. So I hope you enjoyed another journey though my home. Next one will be some of my Amazing Gifts that I got for Christmas from some of my family here : )