Christina Aguilera ‘I’m Happy With My Body’

Christina Aguilera has gotten a lot of flack for her weight recently. The 31-year-old singer has faced a lot of criticism with people using one of those really, really ugly words: “fat.”

Well, Christina has once again replied to those criticisms, with a message to the world about body ideals. “You can never be too much of anything. You can never be too perfect, too thin, too curvy, voluptuous, this, that.”

Aguilera is talking about being within the music/entertainment industry, but it’s a universal idea. Fat girls are told to get skinny, skinny girls are told to get skinnier but still have boobs and an ass, curvy girls are told to be curvy in just the right places and not TOO curvy…you get the idea.

Of course, the whole idea that Aguilera should have to explain/defend her body is ridiculous, since she’s hardly large. If anything she’s average sized, maybe even a little below average but with a very curvy figure. But it’s difficult for a lot of people to recognize “average,” considering that we never see women like that on TV or magazines. Yes, while there’s been SOME slight trending towards body acceptance here and there, celebrities like Aguilera and Adele are still subjected to “fat” comments and criticisms from many places.

But in the end, Christina Aguilera has this to say: “As long as I’m happy in my own skin, that’s all I need. I’m happy with where I’m at. I have a boyfriend that loves my body. I love my body. My son is healthy and happy. That’s all that matters.”