My Chemical Romance’s Mikey Way and Ray Toro Get Ready To Rumble

Okay, okay. So they won’t actually be stepping into a wrestling ring, but last night Mikey Way and Ray Toro of My Chemical Romance were spotted in the audience at WWE RAW.

Mikey, 31, and Ray, 34, had prime seating right behind the annoucers table (for an idea of how close to the ring this is, check out the picture Mikey tweeted of WWE Superstar John Cena). This means that they not only got a great view of the in-ring action, it ALSO means that they popped up on camera a few times. But their best moment of the night? Had to have been when they were shaking hands with Chris Jericho (a rockstar in his own right, check out Xander’s badass interivew with the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla). And luckily, I have some low-quality screen caps.

Just what you’ve always wanted, right?


The guys are both excited to see Jericho’s in-ring return (which turned out…interesting to say the least, as fans will attest).

Ray goes in for the handshake and proves that you’re never too old or too famous to mark out (marking out is basically reacting like something in wrestling is real, even though you know it’s fake. Trust me, there’s an entire language to pro-wrestling).

Ray ALSO goes for the backpat

And then sticks out his tongue. I don’t know why.

Oh, and they weren’t the only celebs at RAW that night. See that bald guy?

That’s Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell. I kid you not. He’s a huge wrestling fan.

Mikey and Ray were likely enjoying some downtime before the band is set to head into the studio to record a new album. WITHOUT giving us that final Killjoys video. Yes, I will keep bringing that point up and you can’t stop me. Even WITH a steel chair.