Who Caused Demi Lovato To Quit Twitter?

It’s without a doubt that we love that Demi Lovato is so candid and open whenever she talks to the media and her fans – especially on Twitter! The 19-year-old inspiring entertainer never ceases to keep the public in the loop with her life, whether it’s speaking out on issues like eating disorders, hanging out with her friends, or admitting about her past. Unfortunately, Demi decided to make a big decision this weekend: she announced that she needs a break and is quitting Twitter! WHAT?!

Tweeting her last tweet for who knows how long, Demi sent this message out to her millions of followers:

While no one knows for sure why exactly the former Disney darling is taking a break from the social media outlet, all signs point to her relationship with on-again, off-again beau Wilmer Valderrama. It seemed that the pair were on-again this past Halloween, but rumors started to circulate that they duo have called it quits again – at least according to Demi’s tweets!

It wouldn’t be the first time a starlet quit Twitter because of her boyfriend: Miley Cyrus quit Twitter last time because of boyfriend Liam Hemsworth‘s wishes! Could Demi be following in the footsteps of her good friend Miley?

Why do you think Demi is quitting Twitter? How long do you think she will stay away until she comes back?