Cassadee Pope Shares Her Touring Dos & Don’ts

The lovely and talented Cassadee Pope is preparing to head out on her first solo tour, kicking off in Anaheim, CA today! Cassadee is not stranger to the touring lifestyle, so Buzznet wanted to find out exactly what her touring experience has been like.

Check out this interview where she shares what she to listens to on the open road, the craziest person she’s ever met on tour and much more!

What’s your favorite driving music?

I love listening to John Mayer while driving. His music is so soothing and fluid. You never get road rage listening to that!

What are 5 things you always take on tour?

I always take my phone, computer, guitar, a book, and makeup on tour.

What are 5 things you never take on tour?

I would never take my dog (love him but he’s a piece of work), my bed, my vanity set, my car, or my couch on tour.

Have you already decided on the set list for this tour? Do you change it up as you go, based on the audience reaction?

There are a few different set lists. They depend on where we’ll be, what the vibe is like from the crowd, and how long we feel like playing. I’m definitely ready for some requests from the crowd!

Is there a particular city you’re looking forward to the most?

I’d have to say I’m most excited for Chicago!!

What has to happen to make it a really good show?

The crowd is what always determines if the show was good or bad for me. Then right under that would be if I felt I sang well.

Tell us about some fun facts about the crew you’re taking out (i.e. merch person? TM? best friend?)

My merch girl, Beth, does Brazilian Butt Lift! Can’t wait to do that with her on tour.

Who is the most interesting character you’ve ever met on the road, outside of fans and other bands?

I know this counts as a band but Tyson from AAR has to be the craziest character I’ve ever met.

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