Britney Spears – Pocketful Of Sunshine [My Part – COLLAB w/ BritsSomethin & THECBJLOVER]

WATCH IN HD! It’s better xp

Here we are, finally I found the time to upload my part for my upcoming collab with two amazing videodirectors here on YT and friends of mine, I’m talking about BritsSomethin (Eddy) and THECBJLOVER (Ana). I’m so curious to watch their part and then upload the whole video, I think it will be amazing, because they are so talented!I hope you like my part, for now, it’s the middle part and I enjoyed a lot to work on this song, because I really like Natasha Bedingfield and I think this song is perfect for show Brit’s pure sou, her simplicity and her awesome smile.

Song: Pocketful Of SunshineArtist: Natasha Bedingfield