Biggest Fashion Don’t

As a designer I see SO many horrible fashion faux pas, but I think the biggest one is following trends and not your body type. Just because something may be a fad does not mean it looks good on EVERYONE. We all come in different shapes and sizes, and we should dress to flatter them. Just changing the fit of your clothing can make you go from a total mess to BEST DRESSED.

A few trends that come to mind are:

1] The Crop Top

Not everyone can pull this off. You can layer it with a tank under so it can look more flattering on more body types. However this trend is very bold and made for a long lean body.

2] Strappy Shoes

I think one of the most unflattering thing is when girls with thick legs and ankles wear heels that have any sort of trap of detail around the ankle. Also, if you are short it cuts the leg and makes you look even shorter.

3] Leggings With A Print

This hot item has girls lookin’ a mess!! If you don’t have stick thin legs I think this trend looks awful. Print in general is very hit or miss, put them on skin tight leggings and you have a big problem on your hands… or should i say legs.

4] Form Fitting Dresses

Not all of us have that perfect hourglass figure. Or a flat tummy. This is a trend I’m seeing all over the place and it looks horrible on 50% of the girls. I see these style dresses at stores like H&M and Forever21. Girls wear them to clubs, events,on dates and It just hugs the body a little too much.

5] Cat Eye Sunglasses

Not everyone has the same shape face. Glasses are very personal to the type of face you have: long, round, heart, square. You should find glasses that are not in style, but ones that compliment your features.

Make sure to follow your body, not the fads! You will look timeless and amazing- trust me! 🙂

Everyone is guilty of wearing things just because they are a ‘hot item’ but first think about what it looks like on YOU personally.

Can you think of any other trends like these?


Jazmin Whitley

Li Cari