What’s In My Bag

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chanel ballet flats, ipad, ted baker ipad case, film, hello kitty tights, healing aura spray, chi chromasine pink hair dye (my new favorite brand), Elizabeth And James sunnies

Today im filming some makeup video’s and shooting a Virgin Suicide’s theme editorial! This past week was so jam packed with the Irreguar Choice editorial! I can not wait until it comes out. You guys are going to love it. I had so much fun shooting it. A behind the scenes gallery is going to be up soon. Im eating a raw granola bar in my leopard silk bathrobe looking outside at the snow being thankful I get to work from home today! Tomorrow im shooting a magazine editorial that I have to pull clothing for and doing a fitting tonight. Im looking forward to Thursday when hopefully I can sleep in and be lazy while eating yummy food and watching dvds.