Back 2GETHER Again?

They charmed us back when the boy band days were hot, but do they still have what it takes? Does “U” plus “Me” still equal “Us”? The 2000 parody boy band 2GETHER (best known for their song “U + Me = Us (Calculus)”) is one step closer to making their onscreen return if they have things their way! MTV has given the “boy” band its blessing for a highly-anticipated reunion show, reports TMZ.

The four living members of the TV boy band (made up of Noah Bastian, Kevin Farley, Evan Farmer and Alex Solowitz) put together a pitch to the network for a new TV movie. While MTV was interested in the project, it wasn’t a priority, so the two sides worked out a deal: the band will organize the show, film everything themselves and package it for MTV, who in turn will ultimately decide if it will air for the network or not.

Even more of an incentive to revive the boy band? A portion of the proceeds will go towards the Michael Cuccione Foundation, a charity named after the member of the group who died from cancer back in 2001. Michael Cuccione played Jason “QT” McKnight, the cute one of the group.

Here’s a blast from the past from 2GETHER:

This is one reunion we cannot WAIT to see! You hear that ‘NSYNC?

Were you a fan of the MTV parody band 2GETHER? Would you watch another 2GETHER movie?