Alphabet Assignment: Y is for You

Howdy Pardners!

Last week was quite the challenge, wasn’t it? Well, I now have another just for you. Since we are now on the Letter Y, I thought it would be fun to do a Gallery Assignment. Instead of just one photo, I want to see if you all can create a gallery with a few items so that we can learn a little more about:

~ Hopefully this isn’t anything to cray cray and you all decide to play play this week ~

Here’s the list of images:

Le concept:

  • Create a gallery called: Y is for You
  • Take a picture of each of the items in the list
  • Talk about the items if your heart desires
  • Add anything else you want to share that’s about you
  • Tag all images with the word “photos”
  • Drop me a note that you are done with your gallery (I don’t think galleries can be added to the POTD Group)
  • Have fun!

OMG IS THIS TOO MUCH STUFF? I fear that I am scaring you away. At the same time, since this is all stuff about you, it seems like it will be easy peazy. You can get as fancy and creative as you please. If you don’t want to do the Gallery Assignment, just take a picture of your smiling face and write about the answers in the description of the post.

Due: 15 Jan 2012Round Up Post: 16 Jan 2012

If this is not enough time, let me know and we will adjust the date. Anymews, I can’t wait to see what you all come up with. If you do the Gallery Assignment, I will send you things in the mail. Secret things. OMG PRESENTS IN JANUARY!