All Time Low Covers War: Adele Versus Aladdin

Since their formation, All Time Low have covered many different artists ranging from their idols Blink-182 to chart sensations Lady Gaga and Rihanna but perhaps their latest set list additions are the most surprising of all. One is a Disney classic and the other is a ballad that you’d have to be pretty brave to toy with – both have received Grammy recognition – but which song did All Time Low interpret the best? Listen to these fan-recorded videos and leave your verdict in the comments box below.

Adele – “Someone Like You”

As the most sung Karaoke hit of 2011, “Someone Like You” has been rendered (and butchered) by many different musicians. From the ever-so slightly off-key bedroom covers to Charlie Puth and Emily Luther’s version which has gathered 8 MILLION views, YouTube is riddled with alternative adaptations of Adele‘s anthem – but how does All Time Low’s interpretation compare? Do they match the bar set by Panic! At The Disco when they trounced Katy Perry in a previous Adele covers war?

Aladdin theme song – “A Whole New World”

Despite the fact their Disney cover is even more abrupt than their Adele performance, this Aladdin interpretation has still gained some media attention and several thousand Youtube hits. But do you think they should play the song in its entirety, keep the snippet on their tour or erase it from existence as soon as possible? Oh and the other question is, does it beat ex-celeb couples Jessica & Nick and Peter & Katie’s versions? You decide.

Which cover choice is better for All Time Low?

Do you want to hear them perform full versions of the tracks, or would you rather they concentrated on their original material?

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