WriterMover block.

Every time I go to sit and write about something lately I start it, then just let it fade and not really put much effort into it. 

In no way am I a writer, a poet or a song writer.

The way I express myself is through movement. Not verbally.

What makes the juices start to flow is the slight sense of a “feeling”.

Sometimes we love em, most of the time you wish they didn’t exist.

That feeling of letting someone you love, go.

The feeling of trying to get someone to pay attention to you.

The feeling of loosing someone you love… to someone else.

The feeling of love in general.

The feeling of winning a prize.

The feeling of receiving a compliment.

The feeling of reaching a goal.

The feeling of failing at a try.

So many.

Then there’s the feeling of becoming vulnerable.




loved, wanted, needed, admired, and desired

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