Why Was Rihanna Booed in London?

Rihanna needs to take one very long vacation after her tour, that’s for sure! The 23-year-old singer seems to be having a tough time on her 10-month, 101 city Loud tour and it seems to be taking a major toll on RiRi. She’s been in the hospital, suffered a mental breakdown, and had to get a pep talk from Beyonce. Now Rihanna finds herself in trouble again – and this time it’s with her fans!

Bossip reports that she left fans angry after arriving onstage an hour late in London last week. RiRi was supposed to begin her set at The O2 Arena at 9pm but fans had to wait and wait… and wait till 10pm before she actually began.

“She didn’t come on till 10, leaving the audience waiting an hour. She then got booed and her singing was rubbish,” an angry concert-goer explained.

“The show was unnecessarily raunchy and inappropriate. When we left halfway through the show, along with loads of other people, staff were handing out information on making complaints.”

Uh-oh RiRi! Not a good sign when your fans are unhappy. Maybe you can blame it on the 24-hour health watch you’re under?

Do you think Rihanna deserved to be booed onstage? What would you have done in that situation?