Why Are Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed Hating on Each Other?

Twilight starlets Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed used to be superclose best friends when they first started to film the series, but apparently the once besties are now feuding enemies, reports Hollywood Life.

So what caused the rift between former BFFs KStew and Nikki? One Robert Pattinson of course! Years ago Nikki dated Rob, who has since moved on and is currently seeing his leading lady Kristen offscreen.

“Kristen has never forgiven Nikki for the fling she had with Rob,” a source says. “Kristen never confronted Rob about the affair, she just put the blame on Nikki and accused her of pursuing him.”

Yikes! Kristen, what ever happened to talking things out with your best friend?

“Nikki is very vocal about Kristen not being supportive of her success,” the source continues. “Nikki is not one to censor herself to avoid confrontation and Kristen doesn’t like that.”

“Miraculously, he’s been able to maintain a friendship with Nikki. But it won’t last, not if Kristen has anything to say about it,” the insider adds.

Do you think Kristen and Nikki will ever be able to repair their friendship?