Why Did Kat Dennings Ditch Art School?

As an avid blogger and artist, it’s not a shocker that Kat Dennings was considering attending art school prior to landing gigs in Hollywood. So why did the 2 Broke Girls star decide to ditch art school? Turns out a leaking pipe led to Kat’s career switch!

The actress was considering becoming a professional artist when her art school dreams were crushed by a flooding, which helped her ditch that endeavor and instead she pursued acting.

She revealed to Bust magazine:

“I knit, I paint, I draw, I was gonna go to art school for classical illustration. I was getting a portfolio together. Every piece of art I’d ever made was on the floor where I was living. I go away for a while, come back, and a pipe had burst or something. It was flooded. Everything got destroyed – every single piece of art I had ever done (so) I didn’t go to art school. I took it as a sign.”

It’s a good thing too! Otherwise we wouldn’t be seeing Kat on the big and small screens. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Kat roles:

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Are you glad that Kat Dennings ditched art school? What’s your favorite role of Kat’s?