Why Does Jessica Biel’s Brother Hate Justin Timberlake?

On-again, off-again couple Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel seem to be playing nice and it looks as though they’re back together yet again. Sure, they broke up earlier this year in a highly publicized manner, but JT still talks about Jessica adoringly and since news that the two had gotten back together, they’ve been out and about, even attending a wedding. So why is Jessica’s brother Justin Biel talking major trash about Jessica’s beau JT?

Justin Biel has a bone to pick with JT regarding JT’s tequila brand 901 Tequila, claiming that the brand is a major failure and that JT is to blame. Justin, who used to work for 901 until a few weeks ago, posted a few videos to his Facebook page, slamming JT and accusing him of sabotaging the company by refusing to promote his own liquor, TMZ reports.

Check out the video below: (Warning, the following video contains some pretty foul-mouthed language)

In the video, Justin B rants, “I’ve been waiting for [Timberlake] to do something with this f**king brand — make a song about it, put it in a god damn video, hold it up, take some pictures, I don’t care — just do something because we’re dying on the motherf**king vine here!”

A rep for 901 told TMZ, “Justin Biel’s video was intended to be one in a series of videos created by 901 Tequila employees (including the brand owner) as part of a larger viral marketing campaign slated for the end of December. It was released prematurely without our knowledge and prior to the final edit.”

Late last night, Justin announced on Facebook, “For all you knuckleheads that haven’t figured it out. This is just a joke. hahah. Got ya.”

That would explain it all… except for the fact that Justin’s announcement contradicts the rep’s statement that the videos were not a “joke” and part of a larger viral marketing campaign. Could it be that Justin released the videos in spite but the legal ramifications got the best of him and he had to pretend it was all a joke? Or was it just that: a joke?

Do you think that this “attack” on Justin Timberlake is the real deal, or was it just a marketing ploy by the tequila company?