Who Trashed Rihanna’s Mansion?

Given that Rihanna has been working herself to the point of exhaustion and even a mental breakdown, it’s understandable that the 23-year-old superstar hasn’t had the time to tidy up around the house. But just how bad has RiRi’s crib gotten? Her house, a two-year-old multimillion dollar mansion in Beverly Hills, has been described a “MAJOR” fixer-upper” by Rihanna’s real estate agent – which may actually be putting it lightly. In Touch reports that the $4.5 million mansion is reportedly riddled with water damage, including moldy carpets and buckled hardwood floors. That’s no place to live in, Rihanna!

Check out the photos below:

Apparently RiRi’s close friends have been getting increasingly worried and concerned about her partying, a source told In Touch. “She’s been smoking so much that it has been hurting her voice,” the insider reports, “and she has to work out extra because of the amount of alcohol she drinks. They’ve asked her to calm down, but if she doesn’t, her record label may soon begin making threats.”

Yikes, hopefully RiRi gets it together!

Do you think Rihanna has really let go according to the pictures? If you were a celeb, where would you want to live?