Who Did Taylor Lautner Knock Out With a Punch?

He plays a hot-headed and intense werewolf in Twilight, but for the most part we know that Taylor Lautner has a reputation for being the nice guy. So who did he knock out with a punch recently – and why?! Was it because of ex-girlfriend and Abduction co-star Lily Collins – or worse, Lily Collins herself? Relax… it turns out that Tay-Tay accidentally punched his co-star (not Lily) on the set of Abduction during filming.

Taylor and co-star Ilia Volok were rehearsing some action sequences when Ilia was the unfortunate recipient of a Taylor Lautner punch, reports ET Online. “It was all for real, which is great and involved a lot of training,” Taylor dishes about a fight on a train that were quite the close quarters. “We weren’t wearing gloves, so if one of us messes up, we’re literally getting punched with a bare fist — and that did end up happening once. I felt so bad.”

“I hit him in that sweet spot,” Taylor admits. Luckily “he was such a good sport about it. He was totally fine, thankfully.”

Whew! Good to know it wasn’t intentional!

Who do you think would win in a fight: Taylor Lautner or his co-star and Twilight rival Robert Pattinson?