To Say That I Love Kat Isn’t Enough!

So, this morning my postwoman knocked on my door and she said me there was a huge envelope for me, I was like: oh Goodness! Kat’s gifs! *_* And this is it!

I’m soooo soooo happy when I recieve something especially from my two precious jewels: Celine and Kat, they are my two sisters, love them so much.

I was damn curious about Kat’s gifts, because she told me was something she did with her lovely hands and I know that her ideas are fucking awesome and she always is able to make me cry, and it happened also this time!

Opening the Hello Kitty gift wrapping I found two awesome and original gifts: a cd made by Kat with my 13 favorite Britney’s songs in honour of my first blog dedicated to my 13 Britney’s anniversary, and I was already moved by this special and cute gift but the piece de resistance is the scrapbook, I was really curious to look what there’s inside and when I’ve read what Kat wrote my tears started to fall from my eyes and I can say to have cried for a hour, especially when I read to my mom some parts…

This scrapbook is dedicated to my long dedition and love for Britney, and inside there are some pretty stuff I shared with all of you, my fav songs, part of my collection, our things in common….

Kat said me that there are also blank pages because I have to fill them with all other important moments I will share with her and she hopes one day I can show this scrapbook to her because she knows how much important Britney is for me and that I’m her first fan ever!

I’m really glad to have a friend like Kat, she is one of the sweetest person on Earth, she’s so lovely and ready to help me and listen me! I know that I always can count on her, because she always is here! I can’t wait to meet her because I already know we will spend such an amazing time together!

Now I can’t wait for Xmas, for open her gifts!

Thanks so much my dear Kat, love you soooooooo much!

Yesterday I’ve been in Zagreb with my family for see Xmas kiosks, I had an awesome day and soon I will update a gallery about, if you wanna check out my Britney’s collection, I found something cute in one of the kiosks…..

I wish to everyone to spend an awesome week

Love you so much