What If Sailor Moon Anime Turns In A Movie With Real Characters?

Sailor Moon is one of my fav manga/anime ever, I remember when I watched every day the episodes on tv and how much I loved it, I dressed up to Sailor Venus once, when I was a little girl for a Carnival.

Now I’m collecting all the dvds and finally my dream came true, because I wished for such a long time to have all the serie in dvd and to can live again the joys of my childhood.

I don’t know how many Sailor Moon fans are here and I don’t know if you know that there were also a couple of movies about this anime, always in manga style… Recently I thought: what if Sailor Moon turns in a movie with real characters how happen with NANA, another manga/anime I love?

Which actresses could play the role of the Sailor warriors?

Check out this gallery and tell me what you think about my idea and if you want tell me which is yours?